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7 Conferences for 2017

New year, new conferences! Or at least that’s one thing the Veriloguers are excited for in 2017. We’ve asked a handful of colleagues around the office three simple questions:

  • What conference are you excited for?
  • Why are you looking forward to it?
  • What do you hope to learn from it?


The 7 Conferences we picked for 2017 are (in alphabetical order):


Click the links above to learn more about each conference, and why we’re excited for it in the new year!

AAPM 33rd Annual Meeting: Pain as a Public Health Issue

Conference Page:

Sarah Hendry, Senior Analyst:

Verilogue has been working in partnership with AstraZeneca on a publication entitled “Analysis of Patient-provider Interactions Regarding the Burden and Treatment of Opioid-induced Constipation in Adults With Chronic Non-cancer Pain”, which has been accepted as a poster for this year’s AAPM Annual Meeting.

I am excited to showcase our research, and to have a chance to speak with researchers, physicians, and other clinicians and professionals who work with chronic pain patients. Pain management is such an important issue, and I’m looking forward to being a part of this year’s meeting!

BarCamp Philly

Conference Page:

Chase Woodford, Developer IT:

BarCamp is an “unconference”. It’s the conference I most look forward to every year because it’s the one conference you can go to and never know what you’re going to take away from it.

The talks I attend at BarCamp help me work and think creatively. Last year I attended a talk where a speaker reminisced about running software consisting of 30,000 lines of code written on punch cards. Of course, we no longer use punch cards, but we do work through similar technical business challenges in the process of our modern application development. Some of the most valuable knowledge I have is not technical skill, but a posteriori, or the ability to creatively solve abstract business challenges using the wisdom gained from the shared experiences of others. The sessions at BarCamp are ripe with this type of wisdom.

Digital Pharma East

Conference Page:

Mark Andrews, Marketing Manager:

I am most interested to see how marketers are using creative methods to get their messaging out to pharma and healthcare companies on a global level. The industry has been molded and developed by the baby boomer generation, while also being highly regulated and monitored in an international aspect. Because of this, marketing in this niche is unique as the hurdles and challenges that must be dealt with are comparatively unconventional.

I would like to see some of the alternative messaging strategies which companies or individuals are using to push research across single brand channels, across multiple cultures and countries. This would help me further understand the implications of global messaging within pharma, to uncover opportunities for targeting, while also highlighting prevalent trends.

Digital Summit Seattle

Conference Page:

Shannon Sysko, Analyst:

Besides having both Apple and The Onion represented, this conference focuses on establishing and optimizing the connection with your audience through a client centric approach. Coming from an applied linguistics background, I’m always eager to see how people are utilizing and changing digital communication to not only to how they can be better understood (for example, to showcase their offerings), but how they can better understand their clients. It’s a personal interest of mine for 2017 to explore further the deep, deep world of digital communication (as it’s so prevalent now a days) but also to bring home new ideas and technologies we could implement to better connect with our clients and physicians socially.

HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association)

Conference Page:

Lauren Briggs, Assoc. Director Client Services:

In 2017, I’m really looking forward to returning to the HBA conference.  Last year, I attended for the first time and was so inspired by all of the strong women leaders of the healthcare industry that I had the opportunity to meet and converse with.  Not only was this conference a fantastic networking opportunity, but the sessions I attended were extremely valuable in providing me with tips and tools that I could take back and use in my day to day to help make be both a stronger leader and a better client partner.

NWAV (New Ways of Analyzing Variation) 46

Conference Page:

Lauren Walter, Senior Analyst:

I was very fortunate to be able to attend NWAV 45 last year. It was a great experience to meet many of the top minds in sociolinguistics—both established thought leaders and newer faces—and discuss the latest research.  I’m looking forward to NWAV 46 because I expect that it will be a similarly positive experience.

The selected theme for NWAV 46 is “Progress,” encouraging attendees to consider where the field of linguistics is headed next. I’m excited to learn about innovative linguistic theories and methodologies, so that I can keep up with the cutting edge of the field and think about how to bring new approaches to my work at Verilogue.

PMRC (Pharma Market Research Conference) 2017

Conference Page:

Beth Baldys, Senior Analyst:

PMRC has fantastic speakers sharing new developments in market research. This year, I am particularly interested to hear the industry’s thoughts on the incorporation of technologies, like eye tracking and social listening. I’m also looking forward to sharing my work on patient engagement! Exposure to different methodologiespresent at the conference, as well as sharing and hearing thoughts from my market research colleagues, will provide inspiration for future projects and the year ahead.

Beth is certainly not alone in her excitement for PMRC! Check out her presentation “A Shade of Gray, Exploring our Perceptions of Patient Engagement” February 1st for more information!


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