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ONCs’ Top Tips for Attending ASCO 2017

Every year marketers, HCPs, and researchers gather at ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) to learn about the newest breakthroughs and developments in the war on cancer. With a large variety of progress across all cancer types, this conference is a great opportunity for individuals to stay on top of industry news.


With a lot of advancement and information to pack into 4 days, there’s a unique planning challenge for individuals attending to make the most of their time. Attendees need to set their itineraries, but also need to make sure the content they are seeking is most relevant to their professional goals. That’s why we polled our doctors and ASCO veterans to see what mattered most to them in preparation for this year’s conference.

Take a lesson from the pros and check out our Oncologist’s top 4 tips for attending ASCO:


1. “Research the presentations. [There are] a lot of education lectures or clinical lectures but I think the oral presentations are most important. I get there early to get a good seat and go over the planner they send you. Also, go to the booth area on Saturday to network and see your colleagues!”


2. “Go to the primary section, and then review sections as time permits. New data is the most interesting part. In addition, the symposiums presented by the pharma brands are great if you have time.”


3. “Enjoy educations sessions, then go to the abstract reviews where you get to see 20-25 pieces in an hour versus going to each individual poster.  Attend the big abstracts and see what is new and what the breakthroughs are in lung, colon, breast, pancreatic, ovarian, and multiple myeloma.”


4. “Go the plenary sessions. [I like to focus] mostly on BC, hearing about Aphinity and immunotherapy for BC and other solid tumors are very important to me.”


Bringing It All Together

As you can see the majority of physician suggestions point to preparation and narrowing in on important focus areas. With the  large influx of data, it’s difficult to navigate through the mix of presentations and poster sessions without having a game plan in mind. At a conference as large as ASCO, planning your attendance schedule is very important to make sure it best fits your needs.


Another physician suggestion and emphasis centered around new data. While the majority of last year’s information has been digested, ASCO is a great opportunity to “hear it first,” unlike much of the industry related news generated throughout the year.


Whether you, or your team is attending ASCO this year, make sure they have a good plan in place just like our physicians! Proper preparation can help maximize ROI, build education, and fortify business relationships.


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