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Ling 101: Power and Agency

Welcome back!

At this point, we’ve covered a good amount of ground on the basics of healthcare discourse analysis.

Namely we’ve talked about how linguistics:


But what about power and control?


In this next Ling 101 mini-lesson, we take a look at a component of discourse analysis that you might have heard of- agency. In this video, we share how patients and physicians use agency to describe actions and thoughts, and even who or what may have the power.




Can you think of a time where you’ve heard an HCP or patient use a form of agency?
Share below!




Verilogue offers fly-on-the-wall access to candid healthcare conversations between patients and their healthcare providers. Verilogue’s trained linguists analyze these dialogues using their expertise, and provide unique insights for our clients. Reach out with questions or comments via the below form!

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