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Two Reasons Why Drug Names Can Be A Challenge, Linguistically Speaking

When I work on pipeline products, I always find the moment when drug names are announced incredibly fascinating, not just because it feels like the launch of a product’s identity in a sense, but also because the nuances of the name matter, maybe more than we realize. In the in-office dialogues, I hear the tentative way in which some physicians can approach the brand names of new products, (“I think it’s called”, “let me see if I can get this right…”) Read more…

The Top 3 Benefits of Message Optimization in Pharma

In 2016, Pharmaceutical companies spent over 5.7 billion dollars globally in direct-to-consumer marketing. This is a 9% bump over 2015’s expenditures, a large increase for such a mature industry. With the growth of digital interconnectivity though, is this surprising? Tracking ROI and campaign performance is easier than ever, and budget allocations have been as accurate as time can tell.  However, market research costs have not kept pace with advertising spend, forcing pharma researchers to be more versatile and flexible with their budget allocation. Despite the budgeting differences across departments, both teams share a common goal – developing and optimizing patient-centric messaging that resonates with patients, supports physicians, and best positions their brand.

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6 Steps to Harness Account-Based Marketing within Pharma

Marketing to the Pharma Sector can be quite challenging in today’s environment. Unlike normal B2B structures, these huge targets are comprised of some of the largest most profitable brands in the world, operating in arguably the most regulated sector imaginable. If this is not intimidating enough, some of these individual companies are comprised of over 100 brand teams all-focusing individually on one product or disease state. Read more…

Blogger Spotlight: ONC’s Response to ASCO 2017

Even though ASCO 2017 wrapped up over a month ago, we are still pretty curious and interested in what’s to come from the oncology community. We’re especially excited to hear what real attendees have to say about their experiences.


Our curiosity sparked us to reach out to one of our Oncologists who went to ASCO 2017, and find out what he really thought about the plenary session topic, which focused on a symptom tracking tool to help foster better communication and outcomes (link here).


With a topic so close to our hearts at Verilogue,  we were extra intrigued to hear a physician’s reaction!

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Are DTC TV Ads “Scaring” Patients?

A recent BBC article (“Medicine Information Leaflets ‘Too Scary’ says Experts”) illustrated how word choice and framing of side effects on drug inserts may sway patients towards not taking their medication. But why? The Academy of Medical Sciences report, which the BBC quotes, shares that patients may be confused, anxious, and/or off-put by the current way side effects are labeled “possible” or “serious” with little further explanation.


This got us thinking, how many times have you seen a commercial for a prescription drug (aka a DTC TV Ad) and not noticed the portion that’s dedicated to listing the side effects? Does this medium “scare” patients too?

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Ling 101: Rules of Communication

Are you ready to find out more about discourse analysis in healthcare?

We’ve already discussed how linguistics is integral to good market understanding, and how discourse analysis helps shape that understanding with footing and alignment, but what else can we learn?

In this Ling 101 mini-lesson, we look at understanding the in-office conversational rules, how we follow them, and how we break them. In this video, we share how those rules help shape what we say and hear, especially when things are implied.


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Trends in Oncology: Metaphor Basics

The treatment discussion as a whole has been impacted by the launch of new classes of treatment and new products over the past year. One third (10/30) of newly approved molecules in the European Union in 2016 were drugs for use in oncology.

As we continue our look at trends across Verilogue’s conversation database, one common device physicians and patients often can use to discuss treatment options is a metaphor.

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