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Introducing VeriQual: Q&A with Stacy Hartung

You might know Verilogue as an “ethnographic market research company” or a “dialogue research company” but did you know we also specialize in other qualitative research methods?

Since 2012, Verilogue has conducted hundreds of non-dialogue qualitative research studies and this year we have committed to allocating even more resources to grow these capabilities so we can go further and dig deeper into the entire healthcare ecosystem to deliver more actionable, real-world insights. Recently, Stacy Hartung joined Verilogue as Director, Qualitative Research to help lead this expansion of our qualitative offerings we are calling VeriQual.

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Why Do We Need Linguists?

Imagine the preparation for an event like, let’s say, the Super Bowl. Coaches, players, trainers, and everyone else involved work constantly, together and alone, to be at peak performance when the big game rolls around. Now, imagine if, one day at practice, the coach just asked the players how they felt about their plays instead of actually running them. While the athletes could probably give relatively accurate feedback on how they think they’re performing, the best way for the coach to coach is to see the plays being run and provide feedback accordingly.

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Blogger Spotlight: ONC’s Response to ASCO 2017

Even though ASCO 2017 wrapped up over a month ago, we are still pretty curious and interested in what’s to come from the oncology community. We’re especially excited to hear what real attendees have to say about their experiences.


Our curiosity sparked us to reach out to one of our Oncologists who went to ASCO 2017, and find out what he really thought about the plenary session topic, which focused on a symptom tracking tool to help foster better communication and outcomes (link here).


With a topic so close to our hearts at Verilogue,  we were extra intrigued to hear a physician’s reaction!

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