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Introducing VeriQual: Q&A with Stacy Hartung

You might know Verilogue as an “ethnographic market research company” or a “dialogue research company” but did you know we also specialize in other qualitative research methods?

Since 2012, Verilogue has conducted hundreds of non-dialogue qualitative research studies and this year we have committed to allocating even more resources to grow these capabilities so we can go further and dig deeper into the entire healthcare ecosystem to deliver more actionable, real-world insights. Recently, Stacy Hartung joined Verilogue as Director, Qualitative Research to help lead this expansion of our qualitative offerings we are calling VeriQual.

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VeriHistory Lesson: ASR, Big Data, and Accuracy


The market research we conduct at Verilogue is a bit unique.  It relies on the linguistic analysis of actual recorded conversations between physicians and their patients/caregivers.  While having the audio is great for detecting tonality and sentiment, the real meat behind our analyses requires a highly accurate, verbatim transcript.How could we get the transcripts we needed at a reasonable cost?

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