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Meet the Dialogue Experts


Beth Baldys is a Senior Analyst of Linguistic Insights and Analytics at Verilogue. She’s dedicated to exploring how language operates beyond the simple content of our talk to influence our perceptions, identities, and relationships.





Janine Robinson is an Analyst at Verilogue. She has a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from San Jose State University, and has dedicated her life to figuring out why we say what we say when we say it.





Mary-Kate Hedrick is a former Analyst of Linguistic Insights & Analytics at Verilogue. She completed her MA in English Linguistics, focusing on discourse analysis. She now spends a lot of the day thinking about how doctors use metaphors to turn ‘medicalese’ into a productive dialogue with patients.





Mark Andrews is a Marketing Manager for Verilogue. Mark works with pharmaceutical companies to develop, grow, and improve patient centricity for their patients. By leveraging digital strategies to improve individual experiences, Mark helps brands improve their engagement efforts, while maximizing their brand’s full potential.





Sarah Hendry is a former Senior Analyst of linguistic insights and analytics at Verilogue. She holds a degree in Cognitive Science & Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently pursuing an MBA at the Fox School of Business at Temple University.




ryan orr


Ryan Orr joined Verilogue as the third employee in 2006. As Vice President of Application Development, he is responsible for the design, development, testing, and maintenance of Verilogue’s suite of enterprise applications. Ryan has over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market research industry and over 15 years of experience in software development and technical architecture.




Shannon Sysko is an Analyst of linguistic insights and analytics at Verilogue. She completed her BA and MA from the University of Delaware, focusing on Applied Linguistics. When she’s not analyzing what people say and how they say it, she enjoys traveling and marathoning TV shows.




Jeff Troy is a Director of Client Services at Verilogue.  With a background in operations, qualitative research & dialogue analysis, organizational psychology and outpatient therapy, Jeff thinks identifying & processing patterns in human behavior is pretty freakin’ cool.  Jeff holds a B.S. in Marketing from Philadelphia University and a M.A. in Clinical Counseling Psychology from LaSalle University.





Julia Weisman is a former senior analyst at Verilogue. She has a BA in French from Carleton College and a Masters in Linguistics from Georgetown University.






Lauren Walter is a Senior Analyst of Linguistic Insights and Analytics at Verilogue.  She holds a B.S. in Linguistics and a B.A. in Japanese Studies from Truman State University.


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