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2017 ACC, Opinions, Feedback and More from Our Docs

At this year’s American College of Cardiology (ACC) Annual Meeting, medical professionals from all over the world gathered to unite in the continuous fight for heart health. While I was unfortunately unable to attend, we did get to speak with several of our panel physicians who experienced the congress first hand. This year we had a unique opportunity to interview some of the attending physicians to hear their unbiased thoughts and opinions following the conclusion of the conference. These results helped us shape our expectations for the world of Cardiology in years to come.

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“I’ll Take my Prescription Medium-Rare”

Recently, the Texas Beef Council hired 4 seasoned pharmaceutical reps to start selling beef to promote a healthy diet to physicians. While you may initially think promoting red meat as a healthy food would be a bad (if not terrible) idea, it is arguably time to think again. “Arguably” meaning that meat-lovers might have finally found hope…or not.

tommy boy picture
Chris Farley and David Spade in Tommy Boy, where a sale turns into a fail      source copyright Paramount Pictures

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Verilogue celebrates American Heart Month: 3 Ideas for Office Fundraisers

Hearts seem to be everywhere during the month of February—you can hardly walk through a store without seeing dozens of them on decorations, cards, chocolates, and more.  But this month also has a more serious association with hearts than just Valentine’s.  February is American Heart Month, an effort organized by the American Heart Association (AHA) to raise awareness about heart disease.

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